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Dogs Rehabilitation Information

Bringing ‘em back from the “Dark Side


During this topic we refer to dog rehabilitation as the way back to a normal balanced state of mind compared to where your dog currently seems to be. It is our opinion that only your vet can advise you on dog rehabilitation from serious physical injury, illness or post surgical procedures.


It is also our opinion that at least 95% of all dogs are born without psychological issues and it is us, the human race that will end up putting them there. It is important to realise at this point that dog breed traits should not be confused with psychological problems. A German Shepherd Dog will bark more than say a Poodle due to one of his breed traits being that of a guard dog. A Terrier will dig to the Earth’s core, a Labrador will not walk past open water without a little dip first and Border collie will try his utmost to herd up everything in his sight.


These are all breed traits.

Understanding and recognising breed traits will nearly always help to identify if a particular dog does indeed have or have not, a psychological problem or indeed if he is just trying to be himself in his truest form. However it is also fair to say that a Pomeranian that attacks Bull Mastiffs and Rottweiler’s at any given opportunity before turning his attentions on to his owners may in some small way be suffering with a psychological problem.


It is at this point that key decisions have to made, if you consider yourself to be a responsible dog owner. Unless you are 100% convinced of what the problem is and 200% confident in how to deal with the issue, then perhaps it would be better for all concerned to call out a professional to assist and nurture your dog back to full mental health.Make no mistake and be warned from the onset, get it wrong and the chances are the dog will end up in a rescue centre somewhere having become too much for the owner to deal with.


Perhaps and arguably more important, the dog will still be suffering with the mental health problem that his ignorant owner thought he could cure. What is more is that this very same issue is about to become greatly enhanced by the fact that the dog has now been abandoned only for some poor loving new family to unwittingly adopt as a family pet and so the cycle continues on. If you really do care about your faithful companion’s wellbeing then be a responsible owner and seek professional advice.


For further advice or just to chat about a psychological issue you think your dog maybe suffering with, why not give us a call? We will be only to glad to help you and your best friend along the road to recovery and rest assured, together we will win your dog back from the dark side.


Good luck.

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