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Here are some recent comments from our clients...

Atkins Family

Hey Stuart, not too sure if you remember us but we were on the adult dog course last year around this time of year, I had the big Rottweiler cross bull mastiff Baltxa, if you remember we were concerned with the dog as my sister was heavily pregnant and Baltxa had never met a baby before let alone live with one, I'm just emailing to say now thank you for all your help with your course as Baltxa absolutely adores her and the baby adores him. We have several dogs in the family but we were more worried about our big pooch. Turns out we were worried for nothing as he is good as gold with her thanks to your classes, they are now the best of friends. So we are extremely grateful! And again a massive thank you!

From Chloe, Baltxa and the rest of the Atkins family including baby Poppy :)

Tracy and Bentley

Just thought Id give you an update on Bentley - the American Bull dog who came to your class in Jan / Feb this year.
Well he is now 7 stone of muscle but I have no trouble taking him out at all!! Before we started your class it was Wayne that had to take him but now I enjoy walking him and can even take him off his lead with no worries at all. He is not perfect on re call but he is 100% better than he was and if he knows I have a treat in my hand he always comes back!
I can go to the car - leaving my front door open telling him to stay and he will not move until I tell him to. He wont jump up on the bed unless I say he can. (which I do !!)
He actually sits down when other dogs approach and just lets them sniff him then he will sometime sniff them but most of the time just walks away. When some dogs growl or bark at him he just kind of looks at them and walks away! We are yet to hear him growl and he only barks at home if he hears the door being knocked.
Oh and I have actually lost 2 and a half stone myself because I walk with the dog and enjoy it. Its no longer a struggle.
I can honestly say that your classes have made owning him a pleasure. I am so glad we came to your class.

Hope all is well with you.
Best wishes
Tracy Llewellyn


Ade and Chris

As dog owners of 17 years previously who then became owners of 2 puppies we wish that we had done your course 17 years ago.  It should be compulsory for all dog owners to attend a course like yours as even experienced owners often don’t understand that dogs are not people!
We can’t thank you enough for providing us with the skills and knowledge to enjoy our dogs even more which has given us (especially Ade)  much greater confidence as dog owners.  
Thanks again
Ade & Chris
Vale of Glamorgan

Wilf and Marc

Vale of Glamorgan

Wilf came to me as a rescue dog he’s this  young adorable dog who loved everything from people to shoes and socks!!  My worries became apparent when i realised my position with work, the hours i had to commit and being the only person in the house caused Wilf to react by smashing and eating anything available to him!Not knowing where to turn, a fellow dog walker mentioned Blue Ridge Academy to me, i didn't realise how fantastic a service this would prove to be.i spoke to Stuart (Blue Ridge Canine Academy), who promptly arranged consultation at my house, to discuss a plan of action for Wilf, this was a free consultation on our first became apparent immediately the vast knowledge and understanding Stuart has, he was sympathetic and understanding with the situation, and advised me on a plan of dog walkers and following training,.Unfortunately things were getting more difficult for me even with the dog walkers who, i have to mention Rob, showed huge interest in Wilf. He had noticed he had breathing & chest problems, and spoke to Stuart who had experienced a similar thing with Wilf, Stuart arranged take Wilf for an appointment with the Vet. I personally felt my responsibilities were failing Wilf, and felt i needed to find him a family home, again Stuart came to the front by finding Wilf a home with previously clients of Blue Ridge Canine Academy, putting me at ease by recommending his new family as perfect owners.Stuart was in contact with both parties to make the transition for Wilf as comfortable as possible, Wilf has now got a new home, and i understand will undergo training with Blue Ridge Canine Academy.I have experienced only a small part of this fantastic service from Blue Ridge Canine Academy, but would have no hesitation in recommending them highly. It is very much a “user friendly service” that seems to have the resolve to create perfect harmony between owners and pets.Thanks for everything!

Miss R. Brown

Vale of Glamorgan

“Immediately suspicious that Chester, my 8 year old much cherished Springer, had been the potential victim of a snake (Adder) bite, Stuart Kemp of Blue Ridge Academy, leapt into action as his training kicked into autopilot. After administering emergency first aid, Chester was carried over a mile, with five other dogs in tow, to safety and then evacuated to the nearest vet for further emergency treatment. Admitted to veterinary hospital it was touch and go for 48 hours, but Chester finally recovered after 3 days of treatment. Without Stuart’s quick thinking and K9 first aid training the outcome may well have been very different indeed. Chester is now back with me and my other two dogs Flint and Mostyn, where he belongs!”


Vale of Glamorgan

Molly was an 8 month old bitch who was starting to become aggressive and possessive over stolen items from around the house. Stuart at Blue Ridge Academy, gave us the confidence to deal with the problem by showing us simple retrieval techniques. There was an immediate improvement in her behaviour which helped her to realise her place within our family. Molly is now a happier, more relaxed dog (and we are now a happier, more relaxed family).
Thank you!

Valerie Weeks & Saffi

Vale of Glamorgan

Dear Stuart of Blue Ridge Canine Academy,We can't thank you enough for your help with training are one year old deaf boxer puppyThe advice and tools you gave us to move forward with Saffi are much appreciated, we are still think of getting another dog to be her ears, just wish her mate Alan the cat could come for a walk!


Rhoose Point, Vale of Glamorgan

Dear Stuart and Toni I am writing to say thank you for looking after Harley yesterday.The efficiency and care you all demonstrated to both pooch and the family meant that we were able to leave 'our boy' for the whole day, confident that he would be safe, happy and well looked after.Harley was collected at the agreed time (which you re-arranged to suit us) and was very pleased to meet Rob again, happily leaving us without a backward glance.On our return, he was brought home, tired and happy from numerous walks and careful socialisation with other four legged friends. He ate his supper with relish, then flaked out on the sofa, and within minutes was snoring and dreaming!We were able to enjoy our day out, confident that Harley was in the best hands. To know this made a great difference to our enjoyment of a birthday celebration.So a big thank you to all the team, for a job well done, with care and attention.With best regardsfrom Lorraine, Derek, and Harley.


Vale of Glamorgan

Billy, our beloved sheep dog, came to us as a rescue dog.  He was absolutely adorable with people, but hated anything with four legs due to lack of socialisation.  Over time his aggression towards other dogs worsened to the point we were receiving visits from the dog warden.  We contacted Stuart at Blue Ridge who worked an absolute miracle on Billy.  From the outset Stuart was extremely professional and totally committed - he has such a natural affinity with dogs and gains their immediate respect.  Stuart paved the way with a structured programme; he communicated clearly and concisely and there were no hidden surprises.  Within three months we gained a well balanced dog, who knew his boundaries and respected his leaders.  I have nothing but praise for Stuart and Blue Ridge and would recommend them without hesitation.
Debbie Cartwright


Cardiff South Wales

We had just embarked on our first dog Alfie. A friend recommended Stuart at Blue Ridge Canine Academy to us. Alfie was only 3½ months old when we started puppy training and he was just over 6 months old when we finished.  We wanted to ensure our puppy had a good start within our family unit as we knew he was going to be part of that unit for the next 10-15yrs.
Stuart embraced not only the dog but also our family, educating us all on the ‘doggy world’. He has a wealth of knowledge, patience and a true love of the canine species. He has a passion for his work and without him Alfie would not have become the adorable dog he now is.
We will certainly take up further training in the future to ensure our family remains as harmonious as it is now.
Dawn P.


Rhoose, Vale of Glamorgan

Pippy is a 2 year old Spaniel x Patterdale terrier who I thought had a split personality.In the house she is a good girl, she listens to commands and happily complies. She likes to sit on my lap and cuddle, or be close to my feet.However, as soon as she was outside, off the lead, she suddenly became deaf to commands and ran riot. This has led to her getting into difficulty on a few occasions, she has disappeared into a hedge and lost her way back to me, she nearly drowned in a lake because she jumped in and couldn't get back out, and got stuck in a dried out muddy stream. Then came putting her back on the lead or getting her into the car, this was easier if I took treats with me, but it was still a case of her staying out of reach and running circles around me. Off lead play with  her became very stressful, she was constantly rolling in muddy puddles and poo, yapping whenever a ball was in view and my generally difficult to control. My other dog, a border collie was beginning to follow her bad behaviour.On lead walks, she was better behaved, stopping at kerbs, waiting, and only pulling on a few occasions, but I did not want to have a dog that was always on a lead, so I rang Blue Ridge Canine Academy, and spoke to Stuart, we arranged a one to one session with Pippy .When Stuart arrived, we started the session instantly, with Stuart showing me how to be the leader and instigate calmer behaviour. Pippy picked up quickly on what was expected off her, and we set out for a walk. Pippy was eager to listen and learn, but more importantly I was willing to ask questions, listen and learn.The next day I was a little worried how I was going to manage to implement what I had learnt from Stuart at Blue Ridge Canine Academy, as I now had the two dogs to walk. I need not have worried as soon as I let them know that I was in charge, both dogs responded positively.The changes that I have seen in Pippy are amazing, She is calmer before we start the walk, off lead she is listening and obeying, we can now play ball games, when its time to leave the park she comes straight to me to have her lead on, or jumps into the car. I can now open the front door without her escaping and running off.We still have times when she forgets and slips back into her previous behaviour, but I now know how to react, and she is brought under control quickly.It is now a pleasure to walk both my dogs.

Home Alone

West London

I have never owned a dog, but agreed to look after my friend’s dog, Harley, whilst they were holiday for two weeks.
Harley is a beautiful brindle three year old rescue dog with a sweet loving nature and a strong stubborn will. He knew from the off that I didn’t understand ‘dog speak’ and so from the beginning felt he was in charge. This resulted in some very funny moments, but also a few scary misunderstandings. We were both becoming very frustrated with each other until we found Stuart Kemp.
Stuart was a god send and worked a miracle with me and my lack of dog knowledge, but more importantly he was an interpreter between Harley and me.
As well as being a professionally trained dog psychologist with a wealth of practical experience, Stuart has a gift; an innate understanding of dogs. He clearly loves dogs and they love him, not that he tolerates any nonsense or disobedience, and Harley knew this – and so did I!
Suddenly we’re all in ‘dog world’ and all understand each other. We had a translator. In a matter of days as Stuart worked with us, Harley quickly turned into a proper grown up dog, walking off the lead, playing with other dogs and not constantly looking for food. And I learnt how to direct a dog with love and respect and not spoil them with food and fuss.
The most impressive testament I can give to Stuart’s work is that I would now like to own dogs. That’s right dogs, plural. I’ve been taught by the best teacher and now I’m ready to lead my own dogs.
Jani O’B

December 2010

Julie & Babs

Vale of Glamorgan

We just wanted to say a big thank you, words can't describe what a difference you and you're classes have made. We are better dog owners and she is becoming an amazing dog thanks to your help. We still keep up what you taught us at classes, the BEST thing is now 'recall'.............. She comes back.We never ever thought she would. She is a happier running about and we are happier owners to have a tired dog at the end of it. Can't wait for next year to bring her to agility classes. Thanks again.

Harley - The Rescue "Kite!"

Vale of Glamorgan

I first met Stuart from Blue Ridge Academy when I was flying a kite (actually my new rescue dog Harley) on my field - Harley was barking and lurching at full stretch towards two dogs who were sauntering happily along with their owner, Stuart, off their leads, and just enjoying the morning walk. I distinctly remember Stuart saying to me, “it’s because he’s on a lead and harness, and he just wants to play” I dragged my dog away, noisily and painfully, and muttered under my breath, “clever bugger”. It was several months later - still flying my rescue “kite”, that another local dog owner told me of “Blue Ridge Academy” - I arranged a consultation the same day, and you can guess my embarrassment when the trainer turned out to be - the clever bugger! - and believe me, he really is. Stuart Kemp has changed “Harley” into a wonderful, fun-loving, fun-giving dog - who now runs freely off the lead, and enjoys socialising, mostly silently, with all other dogs.
Thank you Blue Ridge!

Derek Lawton

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