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Adult Dogs Information & Training

Look at me all grown up!


Your junior has now reached 20 – 24 months and generally considered to be a fully grown adult dog. If you have raised your pup through his junior internship correctly then you should be looking at a happy, content, stable and chilled out pooch. Great news, now all you have to do is continue rearing him for the next 10 years or so! What could be easier?...............


If this is what you currently believe then more fool you……


Your dog is now developing towards his prime, generally considered to be around 4 – 6 years of age, depending on breed longevity.


This is where he will become the ultimate gladiator, Olympian and general all round champion of the world; that is, if you allow him too. Exercise, feeding, continuation or even specialised training, will all need to be carefully thought out and considered.


Think about it for a moment!

An athlete does not become the fastest, strongest or able to jump the highest without very careful diet, exercise, training and resting programmes being observed to the letter.


Likewise Einstein didn’t become Einstein by studying the art and techniques of being the ultimate couch potato, did he? No, he clearly didn’t; by constantly challenging himself intellectually and beyond he would probably have given Dr Stephen Hawkins a run for his money whilst exhaling his last breath.


The dilemma facing most dog owners, specialists aside, is that of where do I stop and how will I know? The answer is quite simple; you can’t really ever stop teaching, exercising or feeding you dog regularly as these are all responsibilities of the pack leader. Give the role of pack leader up and you will become relegated to a pack member in your dog’s mind as he steps up to the plate and assumes the role for himself.


This will prove to be the biggest mistake you ever made as a dog owner and it will take a monumental effort by you to reassert yourself as the pack leader, just ask anyone who has been there!


A routine that is always achievable by you is something that should be aiming for and then maintaining. By this we mean, morning routine, daytime routine, evening routine and end of day routine. Keep them simple, keep them productive, keep them fun but always keep them real and this will allow in time, your faithful companion to grow old gracefully and be completely fulfilled as he becomes a senior dog.


For advice on the dilemmas of owning adult dogs, why not give us a call?

We will be happy to assist and advise you accordingly.


Good luck and enjoy!



As dog owners of 17 years previously who then became owners of 2 puppies we wish that we had done your course 17 years ago.  It should be compulsory for all dog owners to attend a course like yours as even experienced owners often don’t understand that dogs are not people!
We can’t thank you enough for providing us with the skills and knowledge to enjoy our dogs even more which has given us (especially Ade)  much greater confidence as dog owners.  
Thanks again
Ade & Chris
Vale of Glamorgan

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