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Vet Appointments Information & Services

Scheduled and Non Scheduled Veterinary Appointments


At Blue Ridge Canine Academy we understand only too well the importance of maintaining regular health checks for our canine friends. For some owners the thought of taking their dogs to the vet fills them full of dread and anxiety largely due to their previous experiences. Inoculations, annual boosters, injury and illness all need our attention as responsible owners to our charges.


We have helped many owners overcome their fears and anxieties of making the trip by collecting, escorting and assisting them through the experience. By encouraging the owners and guiding their dogs through the experience of a vet appointment they soon learn that they can actually look forward to the next time.


Some dogs do not travel well in cars and as such vomit, others behave in such a manner as to cause risk to their owners whilst driving and in doing other road users as well. If this sounds familiar then here are a few simple tips to help you on your way.


  • Do not feed your dog for at least 3 hours prior to his appointment but make sure he has had a drink of fresh water. This will help your dog refrain from emptying the contents of his stomach all over your car and the back of your head whilst driving. Always have a plastic bag and some paper towels in your coat pocket. This will assist the nurses greatly and help to keep the waiting area clean and hygienic for other pet owners to use safely.

  • Take some treats with you to the vets. This will help settle your dog’s stomach if he is a bad traveller and also serve as rewards for good behaviour thus assisting the dog to be calm and helping to provide a good experience through positive reinforcement.•If you can, place your dog in a crate/cage during your journey and throw in his favourite toy for reassurance. This will contain the dog (and the contents of his stomach!) safely and allow you to focus on your driving skills.

  • Take him for a good walk prior to and after the appointment. This will help drain him of any excess energy prior to arriving at the vets and will assist him in remaining calm during his time there. Taking him out for a walk after the appointment will also boost your positive reinforcement ritual and who knows, he may even look forward to the next visit!


If none of the above help your resolve and you still dread the visit then why not give us a call at Blue Ridge Canine Academy and we will take care of all the arrangements for you – collection, vet appointment supervision and then return to you the owner at your home.


What could be easier?

We will also assist you if the visit to the vets is of a more urgent nature and out of normal working hours.


So take the worry and stress out of it all and just simply give us a call – we will be happy to discuss anything covered in this topic.


Until then, Good luck!

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