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Dog Grooming Services

Keeping them neat, and keeping them sweet...


Learning how to groom your dog is much more than just brushing or combing him down after a good run out through the wet and muddy great outdoors. If done correctly grooming is by far the most intimate activity owners will ever carry out with their dog and as such should be taken full advantage of.


Think about it for a moment, if you start to groom your dog at an early age then you are not only increasing your bond with each other but ultimately trust as well. Would you let someone you didn’t know or trust start hacking away at your long flowing locks? Or even let them within a mile of you, whilst insisting on clipping your toe nails with a rusty pair of clippers? So why should your dog? Unless that is, he really does, trust you.


How many times have you seen someone else’s dog (or even your own for that matter!) try their best to impersonate a flying kite whilst your vet tries to take your charges temperature? Or bolt for the nearest exit when someone tries to pour a thick solution into his eye? It’s true, we’ve all seen it and most of us have even been that owner.


The other thing to consider is that if you are the owner of one of the more, shall we say, outgoing breeds, then the sudden insertion of the cold thermometer could well turn your dogs attention onto your vet, which he/she will not thank you for!


Another important reason for any owner to learn how to groom their dog is that of identifying medical problems whilst in there early stages. Simply spotting a flea or tick on your dog early enough and understanding how to teat it, will ultimately prevent unnecessary, not to mention expensive, treatment by your vet. 


Lumps, bumps, strains, pains, cuts, grazes and foreign bodies can all be identified early if your dog is regularly and correctly groomed.If the message hasn’t hit home yet then think hard about the repercussions of not bothering to learn the basic requirements of grooming your dog and in case you need reminding they are:






For free impartial advice on any of the issues covered in this topic, why not give us a call? We will be glad to help you with any queries relating to grooming and your dogs general wellbeing. Until then, keep them neat and keep them sweet!


Good Luck!

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