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Dog Dietary & Nutritional Information

In many ways a large part of your dogs character, attitude, wellness and happiness, is as a result of what and how much you feed them, just like us, especially if you subtract the hereditary gene pool baggage.


There are several key ingredients that your dog requires daily in his diet if he is to develop or maintain a healthy wellbeing lifestyle. Components such as protein, fibre, ash, carbohydrates, calcium, vitamins and antioxidants all play a vital part in your dog’s diet. The million dollar question for most owners is however; how much and of what feed exactly.


How many owners actually take the time to study the “Typical analysis” information often located on the side of a feed bag or tin? Nowadays manufacturers of dog food are regulated by EU laws and government and go to great lengths to make sure the recipe and ingredients are clearly identifiable to prospective buyers of their product. This process is a huge improvement compared to days gone by but unless you have a basic understanding of what the ingredients are for, then you will be none the wiser as to what you are feeding your pooch and the consequences of a poor diet thereafter. If you are an owner who prepares their own recipes and diet then well done, you will undoubtedly have a greater understanding about this topic than most modern day owners not to mention, time and inclination.


Whatever brand, recipe and type of feed you favour, whether it be kibble, tinned meat or freshly prepared it really does pay to study the free and readily available information contained in the typical analysis of any given food based produce. Don’t be afraid to challenge the manufacturers about things like sources of protein or additives for example. Most reputable manufacturers nowadays encourage customers to seek advice from their nutrition specialists – so, what are you waiting for, give them a call and find out for yourself what it is you are feeding your loyal, life long friend.


Portion control is a subject matter all of its’ own and we have found that owners will argue to the cows come home about how much or how little they should be feeding their dogs, an opinion we respect. The basic fact is this; in an average normal healthy dog, it is far easier in our experience to put weight on your dog than it is for them to lose it!


We always try and feed our dogs to satisfy their bodies’ nutritional requirements and NOT their insatiable appetite! Take for example a typical male Labrador, most would happily sit at the end of a food conveyor belt given half the chance where as say a male GSD on the other hand will normally only eat what he needs – albeit in a matter of seconds!


The point is simply this, quality food given little and often is in our opinion a much better and healthier way of getting the nutritional balance right for your dogs continued wellbeing and happiness.


If you would like to discuss any issues covered in this emotive topic then why not give us a call. Our advisors will be only too glad to try and help.


Until then, try feeding their body NOT their appetites!


Good Luck

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