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You, Your Dog, and the Walk


Arguably, the most important activity to enhance leadership, discipline and bonding with your dog is when they accompany you on walks. It is important to note that when we say “accompany you” that you understand how important that statement is.Your dog taking you for a walk, or more likely drag, is definitely not the way forward and this must, at all costs, be stamped out from the off.


Seeing an owners face literally beaming with pride because their dog has given up his steam train impersonation whilst on the lead to become a well mannered walking companion, is a sight to behold for anyone involved in dog training and behaviourism.


Most trainers will tell you that this can mean only one thing – the pecking order of the pack has been clearly established, understood and accepted by the dog as, the Human . In our opinion, a loose lead and heeling dog means that generally speaking, that dog is stable and balanced in most other departments of his behaviour.


Though it must be pointed out that just because a dog is an ‘A’ Star obedience champ it doesn’t necessarily mean that he stable and balanced. Always ask the owners permission before you approach a new dog directly.


Contrary to what most owners believe to be the case, the walk is not about exercising your dog physically but more so mentally. This is the owners chance to reinforce his role as the pack leader. By controlling the speed, position and behaviour of your dog whilst on the lead; you are demonstrating your role as the Leader/Master/Alpha of the pack, both outside and in.It is also our opinion that exercising your dog whilst on the lead can prove harmful to his joints.


He should be allowed to jog/run/cycle with you by your side without the need for a lead, thus controlling and setting his own gait rhythm to suit your progress. After all, if you can not achieve this by trusting your dog then you should be asking questions about your role as pack leader – think about it for a moment – on the lead he is fine but when he is migrating freely he does his own thing – if this is the case then work hard to rectify it before your dog decides to run off under a bus, into another dog or worse still human being!


Our “Walking” service practices all the areas of leadership previously covered so that your dog remains stable, disciplined, exercised and fulfilled at the end of the session. All free off lead exercise is closely supervised by our walkers in areas where your dog can come to no harm and fully enjoy interacting with others of his own species.


We will collect and return your canine companion to your home and we even keep the mud and water by making sure he is returned clean, dry and injury free.


For further advice and information on this topic why not give us a call and see what we can do for you.


Until then, Good luck!

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